Clearing Up Some Errors

Thank you to everyone who has been sending me links to the “Disneyland named Vegan Friendly Amusement Park” piece! I can’t reply to all of them since there are so many, but I wanted to clear something up. My goal here is not to say anything bad about PETA or the news outlets that picked up this story, but rather to get out as much accurate information as possible so that people don’t have frustrating experiences when they go to Disneyland because they got bad information and are then told that they can’t order what they planned to order. Ultimately it’s my inbox that is full of people telling me that they tried to order something the way that PETA described it, and then they couldn’t, and it becomes my problem when I have dozens of people every week messaging me about it.

PETA has promoted many non-vegan items at the parks over the years, and their latest video, which accompanied this award they gave to Disneyland, which was published on February 1, 2019. It shows them eating several items that are not vegan, and have not been vegan for years.

PETA’s blog post that is supposed to list all of the vegan options at Disneyland contains many errors – not only because it’s so old now, but also because it listed items that have never been vegan even at the time the post was published; they have had eggs or dairy in them from day one. It’s great that PETA is increasing the visibility of vegan options in the parks, but I wish they would do a bit more research and consult with someone who goes to the parks often enough to get the right information.

  • Errors in PETA’s video “Vegan Food at Disneyland with Aubrey Miller”

    • The Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich is no longer on the menu at Red Rose Taverne, it was changed several months ago, but somehow this video from February 2019 shows Aubrey eating it months after it has been gone, so it must be very old footage. It also shows her eating a non-vegan version of the sandwich. The fried green beans are in an egg batter, and it needs to be ordered that way to be vegan. The video doesn’t give any instructions on how to order it vegan, it just shows her eating it with the green beans on it.
    • Then it shows her eating a sorbet bar dipped in dark chocolate with sprinkles from Clarabelle’s in DCA. Starting almost a year ago (April 2018), that dark chocolate dip has had dairy in it. I have asked at least once a month since then, and the chefs have always told me that the dark chocolate now contains dairy (as an ingredient in the ingredients list, not just as a “made in a shared facility” warning). Also, the sprinkles have confectioner’s glaze (insects). The berry sorbet is vegan, but the dark chocolate and sprinkles are not, and have not been for almost a year.
    • She then orders the BBQ jackfruit sandwich at Smokejumpers, but this sandwich usually has honey in the BBQ sauce. It doesn’t show her actually eating the sandwich, so I’m not sure she actually ate it…? It gives no instructions on how to order it vegan, it just says that it’s vegan. In reality, if you tried to do this in the video, you would likely be told that there is honey in the BBQ sauce, and you would have to switch out the bun. So after waiting in line because you thought you would be able to get it, you would have to go somewhere else because the video gave misleading information.
  • PETA’s blog posts on vegan options at Disneyland contain the following errors. Some are just outdated, which is understandable, but others are glaring errors that result from a lack of research:

    • Blue Bayou: Portobello Mushroom dish is no longer on the menu.
    • Café Orleans: Ragout is no longer on the menu.
    • French Market: They list the New Orleans Salad with no modifications, but it actually comes with bacon, cheese, egg, and a mustard-bacon dressing.
    • Galactic Grill: Wicket’s Veggie Wrap cannot be ordered vegan because it is prepared off-site and there is no way to order it without the cheese.
    • Jolly Holiday: They list the tomato basil soup as vegan, but it has milk (heavy cream) in it. It has been this way from day 1, there has never been a vegan version of this soup. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked chefs about this, and they have told me every time that it contains heavy cream.
    • River Belle Terrace: Strangely, it lists some of the items from the old menu from many years ago (e.g. the Vegetable Po Boy), while also listing items from the new menu at the same time.
    • Village Haus (now Red Rose Taverne): The fried green beans are in an egg batter, and the bun that they show is not vegan, and was not vegan at the time that this photo was taken.
    • Award Wieners: The photo shows a hot dog bun that has eggs in it. They don’t give instructions on how to order it vegan (on a bed of fries instead of the bun).
    • Clarabelle’s: The photo shows chocolate which contains dairy.
    • Cozy Cone: The cone that the chili comes in contains eggs. In some cases, cast members have told guests that it doesn’t, but the vast majority of the time, they say that it does contain eggs. At the very least, this needs to be noted when someone posts a photo of the cone.
    • Paradise Garden Grill: The Mediterranean Tofu Skewers have not been on the menu for several years.
    • Wine Country Trattoria: The two dishes they list (Broccolini Aglio Olio and Quattro Pomodoro) are no longer on the menu.

Again, it is not my goal to say anything bad about PETA. I’m simply trying to clear up inaccuracies because people come to me all the time and say that they are frustrated by the misinformation that is being spread. It takes a lot of research to get accurate information, so whoever is sharing the information needs to be someone who goes to the parks very often and is constantly checking things, and also someone who is willing to listen to others when they hear new information. Whenever you see something that I post that is different from what a chef at Disneyland told you, please let me know, and I am more than happy to update my posts and my blog to reflect the most current information. Thank you for reading, and I hope that your next park visit is magical and full of delicious vegan food!


  1. I appreciate this so much! As is, it’s hard for vegans to get clear information when ordering, but PETA should be much more careful. A lot of vegans still listen to what they have to say.

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  2. Thank you so much! We make it to Disneyland about once a year and having someone that is keeping up with the changes in the vegan options on a regular basis helps us soooooo much with trip planning! I really don’t want to show up at place with my hungry vegan family of four and find out what I thought was vegan wasn’t.

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