Your Guide to Vegan Options at Disneyland (March 2019 Update)

Welcome to Disneyland! Let’s eat some vegan food!

These are the options to the best of my knowledge as of March 2019. Please be aware that I try to update as thoroughly as I can, but the food options change regularly at Disneyland, so the information becomes out of date at some point. Please contact me if you find that something has changed and that a previously vegan item is no longer vegan so that I can update the post! 🙂 Messaging me on Instagram (@happiestveganonearth) is the quickest way to contact me.

Table of Contents (Jump to a section!)

  • Carnation Café (Main Street, U.S.A.): Table Service, Reservations Recommended

For breakfast:

Ask your server for the vegan Mickey waffles and vegan pancakes! It is the “allergy” version, so they are also gluten free. I believe they are made with rice flour. They have a bit of a different consistency than they would if they were made with regular wheat flour, so be prepared for that. It can really depend on how that particular chef cooks them, but sometimes they are a bit soft on the inside.

They can also make you soy lattes, capuccinos, etc, or bring you soy milk to go with your coffee. I have been able to get roast potatoes in the past, but recently some guest have been told by the chef that they don’t do that anymore. I’ll go again as soon as I can get a breakfast reservation to investigate that.




For lunch and dinner, they have the Chef’s Vegan Burger, which I think is really tasty! It’s made with beans, corn, zucchini, etc:


The fries are in a shared fryer, so ask for fruit as a substitute if you prefer to avoid shared fryers.

  • Plaza Inn (Main Street, U.S.A.): Breakfast Buffet (Reservations Recommended/Required), Lunch and Dinner Counter Service (No reservations)

Plaza Inn has very similar vegan options for breakfast as Carnation Cafe, but it’s quite different because it’s a character dining buffet, so the characters wander around while you eat and you can take photos with them. Minnie is always there, and then an assortment of other characters — I have seen Captain Hook, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Max Goof, Rafiki, and Fairy Godmother recently.

The vegan waffles aren’t on the buffet, so you just ask your server and they will have the chef make you a batch of them. It’s a buffet, so don’t be shy about flagging them down and asking for more!


There are some fruit toppings at the buffet, like this strawberry topping:


And most importantly, coffee and potatoes!


For lunch/dinner, there is pasta with marinara sauce — omit the cheese. The cast members were unsure about the breadstick ingredients, so they offered me applesauce or carrots instead. It’s not very impressive, but if the rest of your party really wants to eat there, you can certainly get a full belly here!


  • Jolly Holiday (Main Street, U.S.A.): Counter service, no reservations

Here you can get the Grilled Veggie and Whole Grain Salad, described on the menu: “Seasonal Vegetables, Mixed Greens, Barley, Spelt, with Basil Vinaigrette served with a fresh Breadstick.”

Make sure to ask for no breadstick, as it has cheese baked onto it. They can substitute their house-made chips. The chef told me that the veggies are cooked in oil, but they can’t guarantee 100% that there isn’t cross-contamination within the kitchen.

The dressing is vegan, no need to substitute!


They also have soy/almond milk to make lattes with!


  • Starbucks (Market House, Main Street, USA)

Halfway down Main Street is a Starbucks that has all of the vegan options you would normally find at a Starbucks! My favorite is a Soy Vanilla Latte, or a Soy Hot Chocolate around Christmas time! I can’t go over all of the options here, but they have soy, almond, and coconut milk, and most of the drinks can be veganized with them! Just be careful of some of the syrups, with have dairy in them, for example the pumpkin spice. If you’re unsure, google “ordering vegan at Starbucks” and you’ll find some comprehensive lists. Luckily the hot chocolate doesn’t have dairy in the syrup/powder, so you can get this beauty to sip on while watching the fireworks!


  • Tropical Hideaway (Adventureland): Counter Service

This place just opened in December 2018 and it is beautiful! Here is a summary of the vegan options:

– Dole whips in three flavors: pineapple, orange, and raspberry
– Dole whip float: Pineapple juice with any flavor dole whip
– Loaded Whip: Any flavor dole whip topped with toasted coconut, crystallized hibiscus, pineapple pieces, tangerines, and jackfruit. Omit the pocky cookie sticks to make it vegan.
– Hippeas in two flavors: vegan white cheddar and sriracha sunshine
– Plantain chips
– Trail mix by Truly Good Foods
– Salt and Vinegar Lays
– Whole fruit: apples, bananas, oranges, pineapple spears, etc.
– Blue Sky sodas, Zico coconut water, orange juice, etc.

The chefs showed me the binder with the ingredients lists of the bao buns — the dough contains milk unfortunately.

The Ramen Shaker Salad seems like it will contain egg noodles for the foreseeable future. When I went on the first day, they had a different batch of noodles, but after that, they switched it to a noodle brand that contains eggs. The ingredients list is on the cup, so please check the list to see if it contains eggs. Hopefully in the future they will use a different noodle brand.

This is the Loaded Whip with pineapple/raspberry! You can choose any flavor of dole whip for your ambush, and then just say “no pocky sticks.”




They also sell reusable plastic sporks in the Tropical Hideaway. I always bring my steel spork or a spoon from home with me whenever I’m at the park, because I almost always have a dole whip and and I like to avoid the plastic utensils, especially since they’re not recyclable.

Orange + pineapple swirl — the colors aren’t that different, but hopefully you can distinguish them!



The Hippeas and Lays in the photo above are vegan. Watch out  for the Maui style chips though, they contain milk!


Sriracha Sunshine Hippeas ingredients:







  • Tiki Juice Bar (Adventureland): Counter Service

All Dole Whip flavors are vegan! You can see the ingredients lists for all of their flavors on the Dole website.

At the Tiki Juice Bar, you can get a pineapple Dole Whip (just the soft serve), a Dole Float (with pineapple juice), or a pineapple spear. If you’re into spicy, ask for a packet of tajín and the cast member will be happy to give you one!



Here is the ingredients list on the cherries that they use:


You can also get the version with rum at Trader Sam’s/Tangaroa Terrace in the Disneyland Hotel.


  • Tropical Imports (Adventureland): Snack Stand

Recently I spotted these overnight oats in Adventureland! At the snack stand across from the Jungle Cruise. They put them out in the morning and they usually sell out in the early afternoon.



  • Bengal Barbecue (Adventureland): Counter Service

They do veggie skewers here, but they are on a shared grill. Normally I’m not too concerned about shared kitchens, but in this case, it’s all in the open and I can actually see it happening, and that makes me lose my appetite. By all means get them if it doesn’t bother you to see it! I do like to get this Jungle Julep, though! It’s a slush of grape, orange, lemon, and pineapple juice, with grenadine. Super refreshing!


Bengal Barbecue also does a hummus plate, but it’s pre-made and one of them has cheese in it.

  • Rancho del Zocalo (Frontierland): Counter Service

The tacos, burritos, and tostada salad can be modified to be vegan. They recently added these cauliflower tacos with avocado pasilla crema and I enjoyed them very much! The chef showed me the ingredients for the marinade they use for the cauliflower. He also said that he knew the recipe for the avocado pasilla crema by heart: it’s just avocados, pasilla peppers, and tofu (!) — and he assured me that there were no dairy or eggs in it. Lately the chefs have been saying conflicting things about this, though, so please double check about the avocado sauce when you order.


The marinade:


My favorite on the menu is the tostada salad! It doesn’t look like much, but on the bottom there is a huge layer of refried beans, so it’s very filling. I usually can’t finish it all! The crunchy shell is heavenly. Ask for extra guacamole and grilled veggies — they’ve always been happy to do that for me since I said no cheese/no meat.

The crispy chips in bags are all vegan as well — the cinnamon and limón ones.


They also have these fruit cups, very refreshing!



  • Hungry Bear (Critter Country): Counter Service

They recently added the Beyond Burger to the menu here! Very exciting! It’s sloppy-joe style with stewed vegetables on top. The chef verified with me that the bread is free of dairy, honey, and eggs.



They also have this Watermelon slushie, which I very much enjoyed! Just say “no whip cream” to make it vegan:


  • Royal Street Veranda (New Orleans Square): Counter Service

It says “vegetarian gumbo” on the menu board, but it’s actually vegan.

The gumbo served in a vegan sourdough bread bowl, but there have been times when they ran out and gave it to me in a french bread bowl, and that is also vegan. I have heard that sometimes they brush the bread with butter — this is rare, but ask to double check in case they are doing that on the day you are there.


I highly recommend the mint juleps as well! I asked whether there was honey or any other sneaky animal products in it, and they showed me the ingredients list — it’s vegan 🙂

This photo is from when I was still using plastic cutlery at Disneyland, but now I have my own stainless steel straw, spork, and cloth napkin that I bring with me.

  • River Belle Terrace (New Orleans Square): Table Service, Reservations Recommended

For breakfast, there isn’t anything vegan on the regular menu. On the secret menu they have had vegan pancakes in the past, but it appears that it has changed and that they don’t have the vegan pancakes anymore. This is very unfortunate, but maybe if we keep asking about it, they will bring back the vegan ones! Here is a photo from shortly after they debuted the new breakfast menu and still had the vegan pancakes:


Your best bet here for lunch and dinner is the BBQ Tofu! You can either get it as part of the River Belle’s Chopped Salad, or as an entree with 2 sides. The tofu is normally cooked in a shared fryer, but they are happy to bake it separately for you if you ask.

The sides have changed recently. As of March 16, 2019, a server told me that the vegan sides are the steamed veggies and the baked beans (please see photos in the following section, which describes the River Belle Terrace Fantasmic Dining Package).

Displaying 20170103_125529.jpg

Displaying 20170103_123144.jpg

You can also get the Chopped Salad with tofu, and then switch the ranch dressing for the apple vinaigrette instead. It normally comes with fried onions, and they’re in the shared fryer as well, but there is no egg batter or anything like that, so that’s just a matter of how you feel about shared fryers.



  • River Belle Terrace Fantasmic Dining Package (Reservations Required)

Fantasmic Dining Packages are available for three restaurants: River Belle Terrace, Hungry Bear, and Blue Bayou. See Disneyland’s website for more info on pricing and availability. I did this one again on March 16, 2019 and here is my experience.

Usually when you reserve a Fantasmic dining package, the way it works is that you buy the meal, which is more expensive than what you would normally be paying at that restaurant (it is different for each restaurant, see pricing at the link above), and what it gets you is access to a good viewing area along the Rivers of America to watch Fantasmic. It’s basically like getting a Fastpass, but you didn’t have to show up early enough to get one, and the section you get is quite good. So you’re paying not only for the meal, but for the convenience of not having to get a Fantasmic Fastpass, but still getting a good viewing area.

When I went this last time, though, I realized that there are some reservation times (ours was at 7:30pm) where the idea is that you watch Fantasmic from the actual patio of River Belle Terrace, and not from a separate viewing area next to the water. It is pretty far back, but you can still see what is going on. But for someone who had never seen the show before, they would certainly miss a lot and I wouldn’t recommend being that far back. Our desserts came out right around the time that Fantasmic started (9:00pm), and then we hung around after to watch Mickey’s Mix Magic from our table there as well (9:30pm).

When you make your reservation, please clarify with a cast member how this will go, especially if you want to see Fantasmic from one of the viewing sections in the front.

It is a three course meal, and it was charged on the bill as the entree plus the Fantasmic package ($25+$45), so $70 plus tax and tip.

Our server was very knowledgeable about how to veganize each of the courses. For our appetizer, we got the allergy version of the salad, which is with no cheese, and no candied pecans (which contain dairy). It was arugula, cranberries, and thinly sliced apples I think. The dressing that it normally comes with contains honey, so the server brought us out some oil and balsamic instead.


The entree is the BBQ tofu. Our server said that the vegan side options were steamed veggies (carrot and brussels sprouts, and the baked beans. He said that the baked beans used to contain bacon, but now they also have a vegan version, so verify that you’re getting the vegan beans with your server.

The tofu is fried in a shared fryer, but they can bake it for you upon request. I actually asked for the fried version, as I am not bothered by shared fryers, but the order was mistakenly made baked instead. I was interested to see what it was like baked, so I didn’t send it back immediately after the food runner dropped it off. I had a few bites, and I was pretty disappointed — it barely seemed baked, I would say steamed at the most, but maybe just heated, and then tossed in BBQ sauce. Our server came back and noticed that it came out baked instead of fried, and asked if we would like to get a new batch. It really is much better fried. In any case, it is a very large portion, so bring your appetite.

Here is the baked version:


Here is the fried version:


There aren’t any vegan desserts on the menu, but they do have a strawberry sorbet on the secret menu. Please verify with your server which sorbets are vegan (they have several flavors, and some of them are more of a gelato type with eggs in them). I was so full of tofu at this point, so I couldn’t eat much of it, but it was a really delicious strawberry sorbet:


Overall, it’s hard to say whether this is worth $70 or not. I think if you get the section that is right next to the water, and you want a really good view of Fantasmic, it can be worth it, depending on what your priorities are. However, you can also do the Hungry Bear Fantasmic Package, where you can get a Beyond Burger, for much cheaper, and that also gets you a good section of Fantasmic.

I have yet to do the Blue Bayou version, but you can see in this blog post under the Blue Bayou section what their vegan options are. I’m inclined to say that it wouldn’t be worth it there for the price point, but please let me know if you go and what your thoughts are.

  • French Market (New Orleans Square): Counter Service

Here you can get the veggie jambalaya, which is off-menu, but if you ask, they will bring you some! It’s pretty good, but for me, I’d rather have the gumbo, so I don’t get this very often. It’s not a huge portion, so if you’re very hungry, I would suggest getting a fruit plate as well.

You can also ask for this jambalaya in a sourdough bread bowl, and that makes it much more filling.


  • Mint Julep Bar (New Orleans Square): Counter Service

This place only serves Mint Juleps (virgin), beignets, and sometimes some seasonal desserts. Unfortunately they don’t have vegan beignets here like they do at Walt Disney World. I keep asking, but as of March 2019, there are no alternative beignets for allergies or anything, just the one type. The mint juleps are of course vegan though 🙂


  • Café Orleans (New Orleans Square): Table Service, Reservations Recommended/Required

For lunch and dinner, you can get the house salad with no cheese and no candied pecans (dairy), the pommes frites with no cheese and switch the sauce for ketchup.

The vegan entree is the Vegetable Bolognese. The menu doesn’t say anything about cheese (it just says “Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Eggplant, and Ratatouille Sauce,” but it’s a good idea to say “no cheese” just in case, since this is the sort of dish I could see having random cheese on top of it!


These are the Pommes Frites (omit the parmesan, and switch the mayo-based remoulade sauce for ketchup), or the Salade de Maison — ask for the allergy version of this salad on the special Allergy Menu.


  • Blue Bayou (New Orleans Square): Table Service, Reservations Recommended/Required

There is nothing vegan on the menu, but the chef will make you a pasta dish if you ask. There is a vegetarian pasta dish with egg noodles and cheese on the menu, so this is with different noodles and some added veggies. It tastes great, but it’s $30 and doesn’t really seem to match that price point. That is the case with everything on the menu, though — even meat-eaters say that this restaurant isn’t the best — you’re the for the ambiance, not for the food. If you do want to eat here, a reservation is a must, as it’s always booked.


They do have vegan dessert options, which is quite nice! They have several sorbet flavors and it depends which day you’re there — when I went, they had mango, kiwi, and pear, so I went with the pear:


  • Red Rose Taverne (Fantasyland): Counter Service

The vegan option here for lunch and dinner is the Enchanted Crispy Samosa Sandwich, which is a handmade patty of roasted cauliflower, potatoes, and peas, and lettuce, tomato compote, and a vegan curry mayo. I had the chef double check on the onion roll bread that it comes on, and she said that it is free of dairy, egg, and honey. These modifications are needed:

  • Omit fried green beans (they are in an egg batter, same as the earlier version of this sandwich)
  • Replace the Pommes Frites (they have cheese) for regular fries



They also have breakfast here, and there is one dish that can be veganized — the Garden Vegetable Hash, which is described on the menu as “Mushrooms, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Kale, Taverne Potatoes, Lemon Béchamel Sauce and a Baked Egg served with a Petit Croissant.” So you have to remove the sauce, egg, and croissant. The potatoes and veggies are sauteed in oil. The first time I got it, I was a bit underwhelmed:


But I got it again recently (March 2019) and it was a lot better. It seems like they are using more garlic, and it was in general much tastier and more filling than the first time I got it:


  • Maurice’s Treats (Fantasy Faire, near the castle)

There are some frozen lemonade drinks here that are vegan! My favorite is the Rose lemonade. They also have a Boysen Apple Freeze that is very popular.


  • Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port / Alien Pizza Planet (Tomorrowland)

This is very similar to Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta in California Adventure. You can ask them to make you a personal pizza with vegan cheese (Daiya), or to put vegan cheese on top of your pasta. It’s not on the menu, it’s a secret, so you have to ask for it.

Terra Nova Vegetable Pasta — ask for no parmesan, and replace with daiya mozzarella:


Here is the pizza — recently they have changed suppliers and were using a crust that had eggs in it, but a chef told me that they had changed it back to the vegan crust again. Please double check that when you order, since it has changed back only recently.


This photo is from DCA, but it’s the same pizza in Tomorrowland. They make this to order, so it will take an extra 10 minutes or so, but it’s worth it!

Sometimes the chefs refuse to add veggies to the top of the vegan pizzas, citing allergy/contamination reasons. I have always had success at Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta (DCA) getting veggies on top, but at Pizza Port/Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland, they just do the plain daiya cheese pizzas with no veggies, it seems.

  • Galactic Grill (Tomorrowland)

They have a veggie wrap on the menu here that always seemed promising, but the problem is that they are made off-site and the cheese is already in them, so they can’t make them without the cheese. They do have veggie burgers on the secret menu though. It’s a vegan Gardenburger patty and the regular vegan buns they use throughout the park. The fries are in a dedicated (non-shared) fryer.


  • Mickey Pretzels, Popcorn, Pickles, Fruit (Snack carts throughout the parks)


The Mickey Pretzels are vegan! Just make sure to get the version without the cheese sauce. Get some mustard packets instead!

Recently I was able to get my hands on the ingredients list for the pretzels, please note that they do have palm oil, if that’s something you avoid.


The popcorn is vegan too! It’s with oil instead of butter. Please see the ingredients list below.



I like to bring a little tupperware of nutritional yeast and sprinkle it on top of my popcorn! I leave a trail of yellow pixie dust behind me 😉




And of course the pickles you’ll find at the fruit stands! Another perfect opportunity to sprinkle some tajín on there!


I also spotted these Japanese peanuts at the snack carts recently!


The churros, however, are not vegan:


  • Dark Chocolates “Snacks with Character” throughout the parks

You can find these bagged dark chocolates at the candy shop on Main Street and Pooh’s Corner, as well as the candy shop on Buena Vista Street in California Adventure, and World of Disney in Downtown Disney. The two vegan options are the non-pareils and the cocoa dusted almonds. Wouldn’t it be great if Disneyland could commit to using only fair-trade chocolate? I wrote them an email to encourage them to do that. If you have a moment, please write them an email to let them know that you’d love the chocolate to be fair-trade!





At these locations with the chocolates, you can find various “Snacks with Character,” which I think are mostly repackaged Enjoy Life products that are made for people with allergies. Look for the “Snacks with Character” and you’ll be able to see which ones are labelled “vegan,” like these chips:

















  • Olaf’s Strawberry Lemonade Bar (Ice Cream Carts throughout the parks)




Those are all of the Disneyland options that I know about at the moment! Please check out my other most recently updated comprehensive guides:

Your Guide to Vegan Options at California Adventure (March 2019 Update)

Your Guide to Vegan Options at Downtown Disney (March 2019 Update)

Please let me know if this has been helpful and feel free to message me on Instagram (@happiestveganonearth) if you have any questions or would like advice planning your trip 🙂

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