Complete Guide to Vegan Options in Disneyland Resort Hotels! (September 2021)

Welcome to the hotels of the Disneyland Resort! Let’s eat some vegan food!

A few tips and notes before we begin:

Note that the dining locations inside these hotels (Grand Californian, Disneyland Hotel, and Paradise Pier) are open to anyone, not just to hotel guests (with the exception of poolside dining of course, because only hotel guests can get into the pool area).

If you make a reservation at one of the table service restaurants, they even give you 3 hours of free valet parking.

If you would like to eat at a Table Service restaurant, it is recommended to make a reservation on the Disneyland app or website, or you may possibly get lucky as a walk-up. You can make table service reservations up to 60 days in advance, and for some restaurants, they will get booked within minutes of becoming available. I suggest setting your alarm for 6am on your 60-days ahead day, and going on the website and trying to book. If there aren’t any times available, keep checking back in case there are cancellations, and in case they add more capacity. During non-peak times, though, you should be able to get in as a walk-up if you are willing to wait a bit, though it really depends on availability.

Please note that I am just a guest, like you, and I have no control over any decision made at Disneyland. If you would like to express how you feel about the (lack of) vegan options, please send Disneyland an email or comment on one of their official social media accounts.

Table of Contents:

Grand Californian Hotel:

Disneyland Hotel:

Paradise Pier Hotel:

Grand Californian Hotel:

Craftsman Bar & Grill

The Craftsman Grill is the quick service location just past the bathrooms, and the Craftsman Bar is the table service area next to the pool. Inside the Craftsman Grill, you can order food, and there is a grab and go section there. And at the Craftsman Bar, you can order from the bar a well as the food.

For breakfast at Craftsman Grill: This location used to have vegan Mickey waffles, but as far as I know, they are not offering them.

The only options for breakfast are the Chia Pudding and Fresh Fruit.

They also have some fresh fruit and granola bars in the grab and go section. Those Clif Chocolate Chip bars are vegan. For the Kind Bars, some flavors are vegan and some are not (look out for honey in the ingredients lists).

They also still have this Roasted Curried Cauliflower Salad on the menu, and it has always been vegan, but I couldn’t see the box with the label well enough to see if that it still the case. Probably though. I’ve actually never gotten around to having it, so I can’t tell you how it is, but I’ll get around to it soon!

Here is the lunch/dinner menu for the made-to-order food:

The photos below are from Tiffanie, @plantbasedpixiedust!

They list their Avocado Toast in both the breakfast and lunch/dinner menus, but with different toppings. The bread it comes on (sourdough) is vegan, and you can get it made vegan in either version, it’s just a matter of different modifications (e.g. the breakfast version comes with egg, while the lunch version does not).

So you can get the vegan version of this by omitting the egg on the breakfast version, or omitting the cheese on the lunch/dinner version. It will then have as its toppings Pomegranate Seeds, Olive Oil, Pomegranate Drizzle, Parsley and Celery Leaf Salad on Grilled Sourdough.

They also still have their Forest Mushroom Impossible Sausage Pizza on the menu. Omit the cheese and it still has Roasted Mushrooms, Plant-based Sausage, Mushroom Spread, and Caramelized Onions on it:

I’ve had this pizza several times and it’s super delicious, I don’t even miss the cheese. Very satisfying!!

They have a wide array of cocktails, beers, wines etc. Most are vegan, but you can look up anything you’re interested in on Barnivore if you like!

If you are a hotel guest at the Grand Californian, meaning you have access to the pool, then the information below about the poolside menu may be of interest to you.

The items above from the Craftsman Bar & Grill are also available on the Poolside Menu. There, they also have an Impossible Burger, which I am assuming comes from the Storyteller’s Cafe menu. It is marked with the plant-based menu icon, meaning vegan without modifications.

Below are some photos of the poolside menu for your reference:

Storyteller’s Cafe

For breakfast, they have a prix fixe menu for $29 per adult and $20 per child, with a first and a second course. Previously they have accommodated vegans here very well with vegan Mickey waffles and a vegan potato omelette. It seems that they aren’t doing as well nowadays, unfortunately. Here is reader Kayley’s review from May 30, 2021:

“My family and I went to the Storytellers Cafe today and it was super disappointing. My husband and I paid $80 for our two adult meals, (our little one (19 months) had fruit and Bob’s muffins (which I brought for breakfast) , with 2 iced lattes (burnt shots =(, almond milk), and our meals…..were SO sad.. chef didn’t even come out to chat. Server gave us 3 baby Mickey waffles, fruit… that’s it. So until things return to normal standards, vegans save your money and go elsewhere!! I was fully expecting a chef to offer a tofu scramble, waffles, potatoes without butter etc but… that didn’t happen.”

Hopefully they will improve this soon!

For lunch and dinner, it is also a prix fixe menu of $39 per adult and $25 per child, which includes appetizer, entree, and dessert.

For the appetizer, the Blistered Shishito Peppers are vegan, and they can also do a modified version of the salad.

For the entree, they have an Impossible Burger: Toasted Bun, Artichoke Aïoli, Roasted Tomato, Lettuce, Grilled Onions, Cornichons and French Fries or fresh Fruit. Omit the aioli and mushrooms – mushrooms aren’t listed on the description, but I suppose they are still there and perhaps cooked in butter? Just make sure to ask your server to fully veganize the burger.

They can also make an off-menu vegan spaghetti with marinara upon request.

They also have the same Forest Mushroom Impossible Sausage Pizza that is on the Craftsman Bar & Grill menu. Omit the cheese and it still has Roasted Mushrooms, Plant-based Sausage, Mushroom Spread, and Caramelized Onions on it. See the photo above.

For dessert, they have recently started serving the raspberry sorbet again.

They also have an extensive list of cocktails, beers, and wines.

Napa Rose

They currently have an off-menu vegan dish that they are totally prepared to make but don’t put on the menu for some reason. It doesn’t have a name, but it’s a vegetable medley dish that they describe as Middle Eastern inspired, with kale, cauliflower, chickpeas, zucchini, carrot, fresh mint, and lemon hummus. They charge $42 for it. @jwickett88 had it recently and said that it was “very good.” Thank you for the photo, @jwickett88!

Princess Breakfast in Napa Rose

I have a separate blog post that describes this special character breakfast in Napa Rose. It is from pre-2020, but from what I have heard from those who have gone in 2021, it is now quite similar to before. So that post will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Disneyland Hotel:

Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar / Tangaroa Terrace

Tiki fans rejoice! Trader Sam’s has reopened!

Tangaroa Terrace is a quick service location that offers breakfast, lunch/dinner, and has a walk-up window for espresso drinks and Dole Whips.

Trader Sam’s is the adjacent that bar that opens later for lunch/dinner, and it offers the same menu.

Dole Whip is of course vegan, and they have both soy and almond milk with which to make their espresso drinks and hot chocolate. They told me that they use either Hersheys or Ghirardelli chocolate syrup to make the hot chocolate. The Hersheys is dairy-free, and I believe that the Ghirardelli is also dairy-free (it was at this location in early 2020), but they were currently out of it and so they couldn’t show me an ingredients list.

There are a few grab and go items inside of Tangaroa Terrace as well. Unfortunately, the Chia Parfait in the case below has honey in it (in the granola), which is different from the Chia Coconut Parfait from the Craftsman Grill in the Grand Californian. The latter is vegan, but the one here at Tangaroa Terrace is not.

Breakfast at Tangaroa Terrace:

They still have this Açai Chia Breakfast Bowl from before, which consists of açai purée blended with Bananas, Strawberry, and Coconut Milk, layered with Chia Seed Pudding and topped with Granola, Berries, and Cacao Nibs.⁣

It now has the plant-based menu icon, which is defined as contains no meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. ⁣

But because I have trust issues, I had them check for honey in the granola anyway. And it turned out that it does indeed contain honey, despite the plant-based menu icon. ⁣

So it just needs this modification, to omit the granola.⁣

But it is misleading that it has an icon that is defined as contains no honey, when it actually does. Hopefully it will be revised soon. Hopefully they can change to a different kind of granola, there are many vegan ones!⁣ If you have a moment, please write a quick, polite, and positive email to Disneyland to request this change.

As far as the taste of the bowl, it is basically the same as I can tell from early 2020. A solid, tasty, satisfying breakfast served from 7-11am.

Lunch/Dinner at Trader Sam’s/Tangaroa Terrace:

The Rongo Salad is still there, and still vegan, and has gotten a plant-based menu icon now! Also, it is relatively easy to do a modified version of the Poke Bowl, and there is a secret-menu Impossible burger that requires quite a few modifications.

Rongo Salad: Edamame, Green Papaya, Iceberg Lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Gooseberries, crispy Shallots, Sesame Seeds, and Marinated Tofu, with Fermented Miso Vinaigrette ($13.00)

I just love this salad! It’s very satisfying and filling with the tofu and edamame, and has so many different fun flavors and textures with the green papaya and gooseberries. I really love the dressing as well.

You can get a veganized version of the Poke Bowl by choosing the tofu and then omitting the non-vegan ingredients (aioli, fish roe, crab). The crispy onions are made in a shared fryer.

Poke Bowl: Sushi Rice, Togarashi Aïoli, Crispy Onions, Smashed Avocado, Sliced Cucumber, Masago Fish Roe, and Crab Salad, served with choice of Ahi Tuna, Salmon, or Marinated Tofu ($17.00)

They still have a secret menu Impossible Burger that is a modified version of the cheeseburger on the menu. Omit cheese, bacon, and mayo. Also, the bun has dairy, so it has to be a lettuce wrap. I didn’t get this one again so I don’t have any new photos (I will hold out until they get a vegan bun, probably).

In addition to all of the cocktails, drinks, etc., you can also order Dole Whips at Trader Sam’s (it is basically the same as Tangaroa Terrace; they share a kitchen), and you can get the Dole Whip Float with Rum as well.

Goofy’s Kitchen

Goofy’s Kitchen is a buffet/family style table service restaurant inside the Disneyland Hotel. Please tell your server that you are vegan when you sit down, and a chef should come out to tell you about the options. They should be offering approximately the same as what they were offering in early 2020, these photos below are from then.


Vegan (allergy-friendly; gluten-free) Mickey Waffles upon request:

Fruit, breakfast potatoes, almond/soy milk for coffee:

Unfortunately Goofy’s Kitchen isn’t a place that I can go by myself on a whim – it is quite pricy and requires a reservation – so I don’t have any more details for the moment. There are probably more options than this, but I don’t have access to them now. Please send me any photos and info you may have if you go!

They also have Lunch/Dinner hours at Goofy’s Kitchen, and the chef will be able to offer you some custom vegan dishes, but for the reasons listed above, I don’t have an any 2021-current info on that either.

Paradise Pier Hotel:

This hotel has reopened, but PCH Grill, its main restaurant, will not reopen. I don’t have any info yet about the other dining locations, there is the Sand Bar by the pool and the Surfside Lounge. Those two have not reopened yet, but are supposed to at some point. Stay tuned!

That’s going to do it for now! I’ll update this post whenever I get more info. If you go to Disneyland, DCA, Downtown Disney, or the hotels and have any photos of the food, please tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see and hear your reviews!

I hope to see you in the park real soon!

If you’re looking for vegan options in Disneyland, DCA, or Downtown Disney, please see my most recently updated Complete Guides for those!


  1. Hello! I don’t have an IG, but I’ve been a vegan for 20 years and rely on your amazing blog (thank you)! My family and I went to the Storytellers Cafe today and it was super disappointing. My husband and I paid $80 for our two adult meals, (our little one (19 months) had fruit and Bob’s muffins (which I brought for breakfast) , with 2 iced lattes (burnt shots =(, almond milk), and our meals…..were SO sad.. chef didn’t even come out to chat. Server gave us 3 baby Mickey waffles, fruit… that’s it. So until things return to normal standards, vegans save your money and go elsewhere!! I was fully expecting a chef to offer a tofu scramble, waffles, potatoes without butter etc but… that didn’t happen.


    1. I’m so glad the blog is helpful to you!! ❤ Thank you for the info about Storytellers, I'm sorry to hear it was so subpar, that is valuable info to have – is it okay if I quote this in the post so that people don't miss it? Also, you may have done this already, but did you write an email to Disneyland to let them know about your experience? Hopefully it will motivate them to improve! Here is the feedback form:


      1. Yes please use my comment, so others are informed. I am hopeful the restaurant will be brought up to speed soon, as our sever and I agreed this used to be a destination because of the many options for vegans. Thanks again!!


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