Your Guide to Vegan Options in Disneyland (May 2021)

Welcome to Disneyland! Let’s eat some vegan food!

As of reopening day (April 30, 2021), many dining locations remain “temporarily unavailable.” The list below reflects what is open now, and I will update it as each location reopens.

The restaurants that are open have a smaller menus than before, so in some cases, the vegan options are not there currently. It is real slim pickin’s right now, but hopefully we will get back to the normal menus gradually, and more locations will open up before too long.

Please note that I am just a guest, like you, and I have no control over any decision made at Disneyland. If you would like to express how you feel about the (lack of) vegan options, please send Disneyland an email or comment on one of their official social media accounts.

If you go to Disneyland, DCA, or Downtown Disney and have any photos of the food, please tag me on Instagram! I love to see your photos and hear your reviews!

Wherever available, I would suggest doing mobile order, and planning it a while in advance (30 minutes to an hour, or even earlier if you know when you would like to eat), just in case the time windows on the mobile order get backed up. You could even pre-order all of your mobile order food at the beginning of the day, so that you know you will get the times you want. I usually try to look at the app and place my mobile order in at least 30 minutes before I want to eat.

Table of Contents:

Table Service:

Quick Service:

Vending carts with popcorn, pretzels, pickles, fruit etc.

Retail Locations:

Table Service:

River Belle Terrace

Note that River Belle Terrace is table service, so a reservation is very much recommended, though you may have luck with the walk up list as well.

This menu is in flux right now, they are modifying the vegan dishes based on our feedback! When I ate there on opening day, there were some problems with the menu descriptions (see below), and we all wrote emails to encourage them to have unambiguously vegan options. So here is what the BBQ Tofu dish looks like at the moment (5/3/21), courtesy of @nevercoolinschool:

I am leaving the older information below (from 4/30/21) up just for reference at this point while the menu is still in flux, but as soon as they settle on what vegan dishes they are making and what they are calling them, then I’ll delete the older information below.


There are two dishes that incorporate their BBQ Tofu: the BBQ Tofu entree with 2 sides, and the River Belle’s Chopped Salad (choose tofu). See below for modifications.

There are two ways you can have this tofu prepared in either of these dishes: fried is the default, and baked is available as an alternative if you prefer to avoid shared friers. Please see my FAQ for my thoughts on shared kitchen spaces. You can see examples of each version below: the first two photos show the fried version, first as part of the BBQ Tofu entree and then as part of the salad, and the third photo shows the salad with the baked tofu instead.

BBQ Tofu: crispy and seasoned with our Signature Rub tossed in BBQ Sauce with Signature Baked Beans and Seasonal Vegetables ($19.00)

The sides tend to change pretty often, so ask your server which of the sides are currently vegan. As of April 2021, the vegan sides are the seasonal veggies and the potato bites (the latter of which are in a shared fryer).

River Belle’s Chopped Salad: Romaine Lettuce, Black Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Pickles, Roasted Corn, Red Bell Pepper, and Tomatoes topped with Fried Onions and served with a side of BBQ Ranch Dressing and a choice of Chicken, Brisket, or BBQ Tofu ($19.00)

Choose the tofu, and then switch the ranch dressing for another dressing. They offered us an oil/lemon juice dressing this time. We also got extra sides of BBQ sauce and found that it made a great dressing for this salad as well!

There is also a version of the BBQ Tofu on the Kid’s menu:

Barbecued Tofu: served with choice of two (2) Selections and choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Small DASANI® Water ($9.00)

Note that the sides as listed on the menu are a bit misleading. The BBQ Tofu dish is marked as “plant-based” with the plant-based menu icon, which means that the entire dish should be vegan without modifications. There is a caveat here though, since the sides are variable. The baked beans are not vegan; they contain bacon. So make sure to stick to the seasonal vegetables and the potato bites. The reason that the potato bites are not marked with a plant-based menu icon here is because they are prepared in the shared fryer; but their actual ingredients are vegan.

Café Orleans

Café Orleans is, well… not good. Perhaps the worst of all of the downsized menus. There’s nothing remotely veganizable. The menu is just shrimp, chicken, and Monte Cristos. There is a starter salad (La Salade de Maison) where you could remove the cheese. I asked at the host stand on 5/8/21 if there was anything vegan off-menu that they could do, and the cast member said no. Until further notice, I would recommend to avoid Café Orleans unfortunately!

Quick Service:

Red Rose Taverne

Here we have the same sandwich from before: the Enchanted Cauli-Flower Sandwich, which consists of a Grilled Cauliflower Steak, Vegan Spicy Lime Aïoli, Lettuce, and Stewed Tomato on a Toasted Roll, served with French Fries or Cuties Mandarin Oranges ($11.79)

This sandwich has gone through several versions over the years, but the manager at Red Rose Taverne with whom I spoke today (5/8/21) assured me that it is entirely vegan now, the bread and everything.

It comes with fries, which are in a dedicated fryer.

Given what slim pickings it is in Disneyland right now, this is one of the best options in the park in my opinion.

Market House

This is the Starbucks on Main Street USA with all of your usual Starbucks options (make almost any drink vegan by choosing soy, oat, coconut, or almond milk).

Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

The easily veganized salad from before (it was called Grilled Vegetable & Grain Salad or something to that effect) is gone now; so there’s really nothing to eat here at the moment. They typically have soy or almond milk to make their espresso drinks with, so that would be a reason to go there, but otherwise I’d say skip it.

Plaza Inn

This is the most pared down menu of them all – there are only 2 entrees on the menu, the fried chicken and the Apple Salad.

Apple Salad: tossed Lettuce Blend with Green Apples, Blue Cheese Crumbles, Candied Pecans, and Cranberries, served with Sweet Apple Vinaigrette (13.49)

This salad could theoretically be veganized, but I doubt that it would be worth it. You would omit the cheese, possibly the pecans (depending on what they are candied with), and the dressing would probably be good to go, but you’d have to ask. It is hard to imagine how this would be satisfying for $13.49, but hopefully I’ll have enough time to check it out at some point.

Ronto Roasters

Thank goodness that Ronto Roasters is open! Docking Bay 7 is closed, but you can still get a decent meal here at Ronto Roasters.

Perhaps the most beloved food at Disneyland, apart from the Dole Whip of course, is the Ronto-less Garden Wrap at Ronto Roasters.

Ronto-less Garden Wrap: Plant-based Sausage, spicy Kimchi Slaw, sweet Pickled Cucumber, Plant-based Gochujang Spread, wrapped in Pita ($12.99)

Below is a photo of 4 of these beauties:

And here is the very first Ronto-less Wrap I ever had. I will never forget that day!

Also, the specialty beverages like the Tatooine Sunset and the Meiloorun Juice are delicious.

Milk Stand

Blue Milk: Plant-based blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with alluring fruity characteristics ($7.99)

Green Milk: Plant-based blend of Coconut and Rice Milk with zippy citrus and tropical characteristics ($7.99)

If you want to mix them, then order one of each and ask for an extra cup in which to mix them.

They also brought back the Toydaria Swirl on May the 4th! It is vegan except for the Mango Jelly, which contains dairy. So omit the Mango Jelly – it doesn’t change the drink significantly; it’s just a small layer that would have been on the bottom. It has chamoy and tajin, so get ready for a spicy/salty kick added to the green milk.

French Market

I was able to confirm on 5/8/21 that they are still doing their secret-menu vegan version of the Jambalaya.

They keep back some of the Jambalaya before putting the meat in it. The cast member told me I could order it on the app with the “customize” button, but when I had trouble finding it, he told me that I could just use the regular walk-up line. The mobile order here isn’t mandatory, just optional, so I would recommend doing the walk-up and asking for the vegan jambalaya.

It’s nothing that special, it’s pretty old-school type Disneyland food – back before Disneyland was a foodie type experience, I feel like all the food was this basic! I wouldn’t recommend making this place your first choice, but if the rest of your party wants to go to French Market, this jambalaya can certainly hit the spot.

Mint Julep Bar

Various beverages, including the virgin New Orleans Mint Julep of course! ($4.49)

Tropical Hideaway

Of course you can get Dole Whips, either just the whip or the float (w/ pineapple juice), but there are 3 flavors listed: pineapple, lemon, and raspberry. You can get any of those flavors on its own, or as a swirl of 2 of them.

  • DOLE Whip® Pineapple Soft Serve ($5.99)
  • DOLE Whip® Float: DOLE® Pineapple Juice topped with DOLE Whip® Pineapple Soft Serve ($6.49)
  • DOLE Whip® Swirl: swirl any two flavors: Pineapple, Raspberry, or Lemon ($5.99)
  • DOLE® Pineapple Juice ($3.29)

They also started to reintroduce the Speciality Whips. Both of the below are vegan without modifications as well:

  • Chile-Mango Whip with Pineapple and Mango Swirl DOLE Whip®, Chamoy, Mango, Chile-Lime seasoning ($7.99)
  • The Raspberry-Lemon Float in POG juice topped with mango, strawberry, and kiwi. It hasn’t shown up on the app menu again at the time of writing, but it is already being served in the park.

Below is a pineapple and raspberry float:

Here is a float with just pineapple:

Here is a lemon/raspberry swirl:

The Dole Whip below has tajín on it! Packs of tajín are available upon request if you like to spice up your Dole Whip.

Here is the Chile-Mango Whip:

Bengal Barbecue

They still have the Outback Vegetable Skewer: skewered fresh Vegetables ($4.49). Note that it is made on a shared grill (like most of the food at Disneyland/DCA).

They also have pineapple spears ($3.49) and pickles ($3.99).

Galactic Grill

They recently updated this menu, and it now has an item that is marked fully plant-based:

Veggie Wrap, served with fresh fruit or french fries ($9.79)

I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, so I don’t have any photos or a review. If you try it, please let me know what you think! I’d like to see any photos you may have as well, please tag me on Instagram.

They also have sides of fries ($3.99), dill pickles ($3.99), the strawberry fruit bar ($4.49), and various beverages.

Vending Carts:

At the various vending carts throughout Disneyland, you can get popcorn (the fresh popcorn from the carts is vegan; it is made with canola/coconut oil, and not butter). There aren’t as many of them as usual, but popcorn seems to be the easiest thing to find. Here are the popcorn carts at the hub and next to Haunted Mansion, but there should be a few more throughout the park as well:

Normally there are many vending carts throughout Disneyland with the other snacks listed below, but at the moment there is only one – at the waterfront near the Mark Twain dock.

Mickey Pretzels (hold the cheese, which is an add-on anyway), pickles (sometimes in various flavors like spicy, dill, etc.), whole fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, mango, pineapple, etc.), cotton candy, frozen fruit bars, and some accidentally vegan packaged candy (for example, Red Vines).

Below are some photos of what that vending stand next to the Mark Twain looks like at the moment. Below, there are Mickey Pretzels inside those white paper bags:

Retail Locations:

Main Street Candy Palace

It has never happened yet that anything in the bakery case is vegan, though maybe one day it will happen!

Sometimes they have the plain candied apples, the ones with just the red candy glaze and nothing else, and those are vegan.

Most of the time, they have the Snacks with Character, many of which are repackaged Enjoy Life allergy-friendly products. Most of them are vegan, for example the ones below:

Note that most of the Chip & Dales snacks are vegan (the green, purple, and red packages below are vegan), but some are not (for example, the blue one below contains dairy). See the ingredients lists that follow.

That’s going to do it for now! I’ll update this post whenever I get more info. If you go to Disneyland, DCA, or Downtown Disney and have any photos of the food, please tag me on Instagram, I’d love to see and hear your reviews!

I hope to see you in the park real soon!


  1. I’m not sure if they changed the recipe, but when I attended the cast member soft-opening Galactic Grill had the veggie wrap and when I asked if it was vegan they told me it was. They explained that the wrap now has vegan Mayo, vegan parmesan cheese, black beans, corn, lots of lettuce and tomato. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my goodness that is so interesting! I didn’t have time to check myself on opening day, but I’ve had some followers ask there in the last few days and they said there isn’t even the old secret menu veggie burger.. When I look at the menu on the app, that old veggie wrap isn’t on there, but perhaps it is there secretly? Anyway, I’ll be there this coming Saturday again and I’ll check it out! Thanks for the heads up!


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