Vegan Options at the Princess Breakfast: Character Dining at Napa Rose

Just a couple of days ago, they started serving breakfast at Napa Rose, which is a fine dining restaurant in the Grand California Hotel (adjacent to California Adventure). It is a character buffet where you can meet and greet with princesses. The princesses who are there may vary, but during the first few days, there have been eight princesses there each day.

I haven’t been able to experience it on Instagram, but one of my lovely followers, Steven, went and reported back about his experience! So here are his photos. I will go myself as soon as I can as well, but it has a hefty price tag ($125 per person), so it’s not something I can just do at the drop of a hat 🙂 Head over to this page on Disneyland’s website for more information on pricing and reservations.

Steven and his family informed the chef when they arrived that they are vegan, and the chef was happy to make them these custom vegan dishes.

First course: Banana with a sugary glaze, cucumber tea sandwich, chia parfait, and corn salad designed to look like the lobster roll.


Banana with sugary glaze:


Chia Parfait:


“Lobster” roll with corn:


Cucumber tea sandwich:


Followed by papas with ketchup and Romesco sauce:


Main course, rather than the buffet, was the lovely vegan plate with cauliflower steak with Romesco sauce and all sorts of flavorful veggies:


Dessert course was a tapioca pudding, cake pop, macaron, and watermelon sorbet:


There was fresh fruit on the buffet as well. There were Mickey waffles on the buffet, and we haven’t asked whether there are also vegan allergy Mickey waffles, but I would be very surprised if there weren’t, since you can get these at the other restaurants in the Grand Californian Hotel (Storyteller’s Café and White Water Snacks), so I would imagine that they would be able to make the vegan waffles as well. They are gluten-free, so the texture is a bit surprising if you  haven’t had them before. I believe they are made with rice flour.

Here is Steven’s assessment about whether it is worth it:

“Without question, yes! It was more of an ‘experience’ than any other character dining. Starting with the live guitar music of princess sings in the lobby, three princesses at lunch, then story time with Belle and warrior pose lessons with Mulan, ending with a Photopass meet and greet with Rapunzel! Character interactions were lengthy and not rushed as well. All of this, plus the quality and taste of the food, made it absolutely worth it for me. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

I hope this has been helpful! Please see my most recently updated comprehensive guides for more info about all the other options throughout the Disneyland Resort:

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And as always, please find me on Instagram for daily updates! @happiestveganonearth

And my Youtube Channel, where I also have video guides to the vegan options at Disneyland.

Until next time, see ya real soon!

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