Get Your Ears On + Valentine’s Month Seasonal Vegan Offerings

Welcome to Disneyland! Let’s eat some vegan food!

The “Get Your Ears On” menu started January 18th and is supposed to run for most of the year, but I haven’t found an exact end date. The Valentine’s Month menu runs from January 22nd to February 18th.

  • Get Your Ears On: Vegan Hot Diggity Dog at the Harbour Galley


They brought back the Vegan Chili Dog from the World Vegan Day menu last November! The cast members couldn’t tell me exactly which brand of vegan hot dog it is, but it tastes like a Field Roast to me. It’s topped with spicy lentil chili and onions, and served with mustard and fruit (grapes and a cutie). I didn’t find the chili to be very spicy at all, but I’m maybe not the best person to ask, since I am very tolerant to spice. Some people say it’s spicy though.

At the Troubadour Tavern (at the back of Fantasyland, near the theater where they perform Mickey and the Magical Map), there is also a Bavarian Pretzel, which they normally cover in cheese and some sort of spicy topping. You could do it without the cheese, but it wouldn’t be worth the cost in my opinion, once it’s modified, and it would be basically the same thing as the vegan Mickey pretzels you can get anywhere in the park.

  • Valentine’s Month: Roasted Vegetable Spring Roll and Piranha Lemonade Slushy at Bengal Barbecue

I asked to speak to a chef at Bengal Barbecue about this, and he said that there is no dairy, eggs, or honey in the spring roll or its sauces, but that they have it marked as “vegetarian” and not “vegan” because the veggies are cooked on the same grill as everything else. Normally in restaurants I don’t worry about shared kitchens too much, it makes it very hard to eat out otherwise, but I usually do pass on the veggie skewers here because it makes me lose my appetite to see the grill out in the open like that, whereas in most restaurants I can’t see it happening. But I decided to try to get past the ick factor and order it this time because I want to support them offering vegan options, even if logistically they can’t figure it out with the grill yet. So here it is, along with the Piranha Lemonade Slushy:


Yes, that is a Mickey made of radishes! The menu describes it as: “Roasted Portobello mushrooms and red peppers, pickled cucumbers, baba ghanoush spread, zucchini noodles, fresh mint, fresh basil, and toasted sesame seeds served with harissa sauce.”

It was good, but I wasn’t super excited about it. I would get it again if the rest of my party wanted to go to Bengal Barbecue, but I don’t think I would go out of my way for it again.

The Piranha Lemonade Slushie, however, was excellent! It is “Mango and pineapple lemonade with lychee and pomegranate popping pearls.” The pomegranate popping pearls are on the top and the lychee pearls are on the bottom. I really loved this drink — maybe even better than the Jungle Julep, which is saying something! I would definitely return for another one of these.

The chef showed me the packaging for the pearls, and they are vegan. It is the same company (Tea Zone/Lollicup) that they use for the pearls in the rest of the park, and you can see the ingredients list in the Bing Bong section of my latest DCA update.

The rest of the Valentine’s Month offering are all desserts with egg/dairy, but there is also the Cherry Cotton Candy at the various carts that is vegan, as far as I can tell. You never know what is in the “natural flavors,” but it’s impossible to find out every time one of those shows up, so it doesn’t seem practicable or possible to me to be a stickler about natural flavors. Make your own call on that one.

If you’re at the Blue Bayou, there is a Strawberry Beet Salad that should be veganizable without the cheese. It wouldn’t be worth an extra trip just for that, but if you’re already at the Blue Bayou anyway, it’s worth asking about. Please tag me on instagram (@happiestveganonearth) if you get it 🙂

That’s all I have for you today! Please let me know if I missed something, and tag me on Instagram with all of your delicious eats in Disneyland!

See ya real soon!



  1. For the Get Your Ears on menu, some other items that look like they have potential are bowtie pasta with blush sauce (Tomorrowland) and sopes trio (Frontierland). Have you gotten to check those out?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have asked about the pasta dish, the sauce is dairy based, so there’s no way to veganize it abs have it be remotely the same dish, but I have not asked about the sopes yet! I will ask next time, thank you for pointing it out!


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