Happiest Vegan on Earth swag now available!

For quite some time, you all have been asking me if I have a shirt/sticker/magnet design to represent Happiest Vegan on Earth, and finally the answer is now yes! Here it is!

While Disneyland was open and there was so much to keep up with, I never had time to figure out a design and the logistics of what printer to use and how to make it happen in a way that wouldn’t overwhelm me. But then suddenly I had time to research all of that!

I went with TeePublic because they have many styles of shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweaters, etc, as well as stickers and magnets. It allows artists to upload their designs and then they print them on demand and send them to you. This means you can get the exact color/size/style that you want, without me having to keep an inventory, which would not be feasible for me.

Also, I needed to find a printer that uses vegan inks, doesn’t use sweatshops, and is conscious of the environmental impact of their materials. TeePublic checked out on all of those. You may know that Vegan Disney World also uses TeePublic for their swag! They have many designs, you can see their store here.

I made two designs: one with a simple “Happiest Vegan on Earth” in the Disneyland font with wishing stars, and one with a Dole Whip and silhouette of the castle. You can get either of these in any color T-shirt, various styles of tank tops, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc., and the simpler design’s text can be in either white, blue, yellow, or green. So you can choose which color text looks best with the color shirt you want.

Below are a few examples. First, the Premium Racerback Tank in the navy color, with white text:



The white text on a Crewneck Sweatshirt in the color Charcoal Heather:



The yellow text another style of tank, the Tri-Blend Racerback (extra soft), in the color Aqua:



The other design with a Dole Whip and castle silhouette, on a tank as well:



And finally, here are the stickers in the simple designstickers in the Dole Whip design, magnets in the simple design, and magnets with the Dole Whip design:


What I love about vegan shirts, stickers, etc. is not only that they’re conversation starters for the vegan-curious, but also that they help vegans be able to recognize each other in public, so that we can see that we’re not alone, and make new vegan friends! It’s one of the easiest ways to do activism and keep the word vegan on people’s minds.

I hope to see you soon in the parks again! Until next time, see ya real soon!

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